About Us

The idea behind Vacier came as a result of two fundamental challenges within the jewelry industry. 

1 // The challenge of finding the right fit. The sizing of traditional jewelry often relies on precise measurements, making it difficult to get the perfect fit. Our approach to this is versatile and functional jewelry. All of Vacier’s collections are adjustable or unisize, meaning they can be customized to fit anyone.

2 // The concern that a lot of conventional jewelry is either too bulky, overpriced, or both. We strive towards creating finely detailed, and minimal collections suitable for any occasion. Instead of following every temporary trend, our vision is to create timeless accessories that you purchase once and wear forever.


As a Swedish-based company, we have deep roots in metal production that spans over 2,500 years. The name Vacier is derived from the French word "Acier" which translates to steel. This name reflects Vacier’s emphasis on metal, with a focus on the benefits of using high quality steel as a jewelry material. 


We work with sustainable materials such as steel, silver and gold. Our original collections are made of exclusively recycled stainless steel. It is forever reusable, and it’s become one of the most recycled materials on the planet. It will never rust, tarnish or discolor your skin. These qualities make it perfect for creating timeless and sustainable jewelry.