Chain bracelet - Size Chart

Regular — Fits Most (Small to Large)

This bracelet is designed to fit most wrists, with an adjustable size ranging from 6" (16 CM) to 7.5" (19 CM). It comes with a 1" (2 CM) extension chain that can be used to increase the length up to 7.7" (19.5 CM). If you're unsure about your size, this bracelet will fit the majority of our customers.

Extra Large (Fits XL–XXL)

This bracelet is designed to fit wrists measuring between 7.3" (18.5 CM8.5" (21.5 CM). The bracelet measures around 7.7" (19.5 CM) without the extension chain, but it can be extended up to 8.5" (21.5 CM) with the 1" (2 CM) extension chain.

Extra Small (Fits XXS–XS)

This bracelet is designed to fit wrists that measure between 5.5" (14 CM) 6.7" (17 CM). The bracelet measures around 6.1(15.5 CM) without the extension chain, but can be extended up to 6.9" (17.5 CM) with the 1" (2 CM) extension chain.

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